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Hi! My name is Raegan.
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Nice to meet you! I post a lot of fandom stuff here. Especially pokemon, tales series, other games, and some anime. I am really friendly, so please send an ask if you'd like!

I am an artist and a graphic designer!
This blog will mostly deal with fan art x:
I will be posting my work periodically. Please check out the "my art" option under the links if you would like to see!

Icon credit to 藤小豆!


work in progress of levi. I intend to finish this piece tomorrow and fix all the shit wrong with it when I am not devastatingly sleep deprived.


test run of the levi makeup verick is planning on doing for me. Ignore the impromptu outfit and the horrible lighting. I’m sorry for the lighting. And for the wig. It’s not my official wig. I just threw that together. /bitchmoan

my levi cosplay ^^^ (second blog)


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"Be careful who you call your friends. I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies"

 Al Capone (via ctwill732)

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兵長の机の引き出し by すぅ

Levi heichou’s desk drawer

first of all how dare you

how dare you 

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Spirited Away |  Appreciation post

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